We are so happy you found us!

    We are Todd & Corinne Borowski, and together we are happy to share our passion for nature & beauty though our photography with you. All the photographs you see on our site are a combination of our love and passion for photography, nature and travel.

    When Todd and I met in 2011, we quickly learned we both loved photographs. Seeing our family history, our childhood memories and capturing special moments brought us joy and is a  very important part of each of our lives. With this in common, we naturally started going out on photography adventures dates and visiting all the amazing places available to us in Southern California. In the beginning, our photos were mostly snapshots and our cameras were pretty basic but with Todd’s strength in technical skills and my eye for composition, we gradually learned from each other to improve our photography, invested in better equipment and eventually launched our website. We decided on TLC [Todd Loves Corinne] Borowski Photography because, well......... Corinne Love Todd didn’t work as well.

    We are so grateful to have the support and encouragement from our family and friends to pursue our passion and hope we can turn our hobby into a growing business. 

    We encourage you to share our website and photos. Feel free to contact us for anything! Say hello, ask photography questions or purchase a print or two. We would love to hear from you!

    Thank you!

    Todd & Corinne